8 Dec 2017

"Articulate" Description Game

This is an old game that has been marketed as a board game - see wikipedia.org/wiki/Articulate - but only really needs pen and paper and a phone for a timer.

7 Dec 2017

Draw breath

"Draw breath" - poem by Geoffrey Weedon

Breathe in the quiet purpose of this place;
Through outward stillness, seek a calm within.
Here we can find forgiveness and forgive;
Here feel the healing miracle begin.

6 Dec 2017

silent meeting

Reflections on a silent meeting for worship at Colchester,  November 2017, by Dave Stanbury

We sat in a circle
Listening for the echoes of grace within
For a while nothing seemed to be happening 

1 Dec 2017

art from plastic in the sea

Making art from plastic debris in our seas and oceans is a common theme among various artists today. There is plenty of source material to work with, after all. Two such artists are Fran Crowe and Hannah Scott -

19 Nov 2017

world population peak about ten billion

In this brilliantly clear video Swedish statistician Hans Rosling uses boxes to explain why the world total human population will never reach 11 billion.

10 Nov 2017

Carmageddon hubcap sculpture

Carmageddon – the hubcap sculpture. Is there anyone with artistic inclination among my friends who would like to collaborate with me on making a sculpture? I call it Carmageddon and it is basically a large sphere covered in hubcaps. Thinks of it as a rollerball coming down the road to crush cyclists, pedestrians and any other kind of non-motorised traffic. The sculpture is a protest against car culture, obviously.

3 Nov 2017

Accidental Anarchist film

Accidental Anarchist: Life Without Government is a rare instance of TV putting anarchism in a favourable light. You can see the trailer at www.accidentalanarchist.net. Produced by BBC Scotland and shown on BBC4 Storyville on Sunday 23 July 2017 at 21:50, the one-hour film tells how:
Carne Ross was a career diplomat who believed western democracy could save us all. But after the Iraq war he became disillusioned and resigned. This film traces Carne's worldwide quest to find a better way of doing things - from a farming collective in Spain, to Occupy Wall Street to Rojava in war-torn Syria - as he makes the epic journey from government insider to anarchist.